My Arrasmith line is documented back to Reverend William Anderson Arrasmith who was born April 30, 1840  in Gallatin County, Kentucky on the "Sugar Creek". He was a circuit-riding Baptist Minister who first pastored the Bullit Lick Baptist Church in Shepherdsville, Kentucky from 1879-1881. I have recently run across information in an old Frankfort Roundabout from November 1883 where he was called to pastor the North Fork Baptist Church in Switzer. Luckily for me, the County Coordinator for Franklin County, Kentucky, has some old church photos of the North Fork Church along with the history.

There had been some question on the year of William's birth, whether it was 1834 or 1840 as his death certificate states.   However, NEW information I have run across is that his marriage certificate shows that he was 21 years old when he married January 1, 1861 (which WOULD make him born in 1840). Other information states that he and his father were both born in Gallatin County, KY, mother born Indiana.  Kezziah Ann Hussung was 23 years old which would make her 1837 birth date correct.  The record states that she was born in Ripley County, Indiana, father born Ohio, mother born Virginia.  The only piece of information that is not the same from the marriage certificate to William's death certificate is that his death certificate states mother born Kentucky, while his marriage certificate states that she was born in Indiana.  One difference in Kezziah's information is her place of birth - Ripley County, Indiana on marriage certificate and Switzerland County, Indiana as stated in William's handwritten information on both of their births.

I have information that William lived with the Thomas/Charity Arrasmith family but note with this information stated "may not be member of this family". I have been unable to verify this information, but did receive it from a certified genealogist so know that she most likely had proof of this.   

All of the above leads me to believe that William's mother may have died sometime shortly after his birth and possibly his father as well (after 1840).  I have tried unsuccessfully to find a definitive parental link to any William Arrowsmith in Kentucky. That is not to say that one does not exist, I just have not found it! Grandpa Arrasmith always kept his middle name "Anderson" spelled out so wonder if perhaps that was either his fathers middle name or his mothers maiden name. I am currently researching this.  I did go through the Guardian Bonds for Gallatin County while in Frankfort several years ago for the time period 1834 through 1840 and did not find where William was officially adopted by another family. Now that I know that he was born in 1840 I will go back now and look past 1840 and forward.

I have been unable to find William Arrasmith in an 1850 census although am researching possible errors in names, i.e. William Smith.  If anyone has any information on the parentage of Rev. William, please drop me a line.



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