My Arrasmith line is documented back to Reverend William Anderson Arrasmith who was born April 30, 1834/1840  in Gallatin County, Kentucky on the "Sugar Creek". He was a circuit-riding Baptist Minister who first pastored the Bullit Lick Baptist Church in Shepherdsville, Kentucky from 1879-1881. I have information from the Frankfort Roundabout on November 24, 1883 where he was called to pastor the North Fork Baptist Church in Switzer the "next year".

North Fork Baptist Church, Switzer, Kentucky
Frankfort Roundabout - Nov 24 1883

I have several brick walls on Rev. William. First, his year of birth 1834 oe 1840 and his parents. I lean towards believing the 1834 date is correct for several reasons. A certified genealogist shows 1834 as his birth date. In the 1860 Gallatin County census William is listed with his widowed stepmother, Charity (Gregg) Arrasmith. Census shows him as being 25 making birth year 1835. Also W. S. Cardwell family bible has an entry that states Mr. William a. Arrasmith was born April 30, 1834, died April 8, 1916.

The evidence for 1840 is his marriage certificate which shows that he was 21 years old when he married January 1, 1861. The 1880 Louisville, Kentucky census lists William as being 40 years old. Then, his death certificate states he was born in 1840 when he died in 1916.

On William's parents, I was told by the same geneaogist that gave 1834 as his birth year, that in 1840 William lived with the Thomas/Charity Arrasmith family but note with this information stated "may not be member of this family". Charity was born in 1820 so depending on this birth year you recognize, if it was 1834, Charity could not have been his mother so this may be true. Also William's death certificate states his fathers name was William Arrowsmith so do not believe Thomas was his father.

I am considering that perhaps William's mother may have died sometime shortly after his birth and possibly his father as well (after 1840).  I have tried to find Williams father as listed on his death certificate, "William Arrowsmith". There is a William Arrowsmith that married three Longnecker sisters in Gallatin County during the time period of William's birth but have been unable to link him through children I have found.

Grandpa Arrasmith always kept his middle name "Anderson" spelled out so wonder if perhaps that was either his fathers middle name or his mothers maiden name. I am currently researching this.  Family history passed down states that William had a grandmother that was full-blooded Cherokee Indian but have no proof of this. Then again, I have not found William in an 1850 census so wonder where he was.

 If anyone has any information on the parentage of Rev. William, please drop me a line.



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