Otto August Freistedt and wife Julian Dresdow Freistedt 50th Wedding Anniversary


My Freistedt line is documented back to Diedrich Jacob Freistedt and his wife, Dorothee Elisabeth Helene Kempen. My direct line follows through their son, Christian Julius Freistedt, Jacob Heinrich August Freistedt, Fritz Paul Herman Freistedt and his daughter, Ruth Georgine Emma Freistedt. I was so lucky that Grandma Ruth kept EVERYTHING including her Grandfather, Jacob Heinrich August Friestedt's original citizenship papers to give you an idea! Gr-Grandpa Jacob Heinrich's occupation as the German records say was a "Barbier". Several of his sons carried on the profession of barber. including my great grandfather, Fritz Paul "Herman" Freistedt.

Great Grandpa Fritz Paul Herman Freistedt was at one time a barber on the Golden State Train between California and Chicago. (Have a photograph of him in his uniform AND the brass barber pin he wore). My mother has seen the article, but apparently Gr-Grandpa Herman was in the newspaper with a photograph of him shaving the legs of a Hollywood actress. Mom said she had long dark hair tied in a bun in the back. Down through the years many Faye names have been passed around in the family to being the actress from Faye Wray to Faye Emerson. I believe I have narrowed it down to Julia Faye. She was the right age (Faye Emerson was too young, Faye Wray was not really famous until 1933 when King Kong was released), starred in over 30 Cecil B. DeMille movies and was known in Hollywood for her "perfect legs". I have looked extensively for this newspaper article but have been unable to find it.

I do have much more information on the Freistedt's I will have to get sorted and uploaded.