Hussung family crest

Hussung - Husong!

Anyone who has researched this family is aware of all of the different spellings,Hussong, Hussung, Hoosang, Housang, Hessong and others that you will run across. This is one of the lines I have been able to document back the furthest to Antoine Hussung who was married to Catharina born 1633.  This is not as much due to my expertise but to the well documented research done by those Hussung researchers that have followed this family.

Frank Hussung has a well documented Hussung line and is always willing to share any information, old deeds, wills, etc. that he has. Another important find (and he actually found me) is Helge Hussung from Petersberg, Germany, a retired history teacher who has several volumes written on the Hussung line. While these books are written in German, it is easy to understand the names and dates. Helge has a facebook page for which I am putting a link here.

You will enjoy the photographs of Elizabeth and Jacob Hussung which are the oldest photographs that I have. I have tried to identify the photographic process used to create them as they appear to be photos, but have some type of black ink coloring that appears to have been done by hand. When I first received these photographs I knew that they belonged to my Hussung line and while I thought they were Jacob and Elizabeth was unsure.  I emailed these photographs to Frank Hussing and he said when he pulled these photographs up on his computer his wife walked by and said which Hussung is that? *S*  Frank's father positively identified these photographs as being those of Jacob and Elizabeth (Lane) Hussung.

If you have any Hussung information you wish to share or have any questions, please let me know.

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