Elizabeth Anne Lane


The above photo (along with that of her husband, Jacob Hussung) are the oldest photos I have in my possession. I have not been able to figure out the photographic process, but they actually appear to be pencil/ink sketches.

My Lane line starts with Elizabeth Anne Lane, born 1803 in Williamsburg, Virginia. Her parents were Doctor William "Dutton" Lane, Jr. and Elizabeth Cayton. In a letter written by her graddaughter, Kezzia Kate Hussung to her son Clayton in October, 1960, "My great grandparents, Dr. William D. Lane and grandmother Lane, a R. N. nurse". Frank Hussung's notes state "Elizabeth Lane, the wife of Jacob, died only 35 days after the death of her husband. It is said that Elizabeth was a Dr. and road a horse all over Gallatin County area to serve the sick."

Dr. William Lane's father was Reverend Dutton Lane who was baptized by Shubel Stearns, a colonial evangelist and preacher during the Great Awakening. Rev Lane was founder of the first Separate Baptist Church in Danville, Virginia. There are many historical documents that talk about Reverend Lane but my favorite is when Dutton's father, Richard Lane, prepared to kill him because of his "religious ferver". According to This Day in Baptist History, " No one opposed Dutton more strongly than his father, who carried out a threat to horsewhip his own wife, Dutton’s mother, because she slipped out to hear their son preach.  He then pursued Dutton with a gun in order to murder him.  His wife courageously challenged her husband, pointing out that he, as a sporting man, gave a bird a chance at flight before he shot it.  She proposed that he should hear his son preach before shooting him.  Dutton’s father accepted the challenge, and he fell under the conviction of the Holy Spirit and soon was made alive in Jesus Christ.  He was baptized by that same son whom he had purposed to slay."

Both Dutton and his older brother Reverend Tidence "Fuller" Lane were both renowned Baptist preachers. Reverend Tidence Lane served as the first pastor, of the first congretation of any denomination in Tennessee. Both Tidence and Dutton are great-grandsons of Major Samuel Lane, an officer in the King's service in the Province of Maryland, in 1680. I had been looking for over a decade for the book "The Lane Family, Maj. Samuel Lane and his Descendants" by Larry James and was lucky enough several years ago to get a reprint of the book.

Because I have so much information will devote a page to each of these ancestors.

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