Great Grandma Carolyn "Carrie" Corder (sometimes Carder in old census records) was born around 1852 in Illinois. Her mother's name was Emeline and her fathers name was Isaac Corder as listed in the 1850 Clay County, Illinois census.

In the 1860 Clay County, Illinois census her father was absent, presumed deceased. Her mother was listed first with her five brothers and three sisters, being the seventh child in line. Of interest is that her family was next door to the Elizabeth Engeldow family, Elizabeth also apparently widowed. Elizabeth Engeldow was listed with two sons, Charles 13 and Carolyn's future husband, William C. Engeldow who was 11. Also living in the Elizabeth Engeldow household was her sister, Rhoda Kitching (actual spelling should be Catching).

Carolyn Corder married William Carl Engeldow and they subsequently had three children, Edward Clyde born about 1875, Rosella "Rose" born about 1876 ,and my grandfather, William Carl Engeldow born on October 13, 1879. The photograph above is the last known photograph taken of Carolyn. She died of pneumonia in March 1880, at the age of 26 while her youngest child (my grandfather) was only six months old. The Elston's who were close family friends of William and Carolyn, adopted the infant, Lewis Alva, which is when his last name changed from Engeldow to Elston.

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