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Researcher Family Line Researching
Don Arrasmith Descended from Thomas (b. 1733) and Mary "Polly" Arrasmith
David Coon Mary Almire Arrasmith born May 28,1871 
Bruce Heckelman Grandson of Viola Arrasmith and Jacob Heckelman of Kentucky
Pat Oliver Following Cox and Winn lines that are in his Oliver line and also cross over into the Arrasmith line.
Gary Sacre James Sacre and Polly Arrasmith (father Thomas Arrasmith, Sr b. 1766)
Sandy Ward Descended from Rev William Anderson Arrasmith and Kezziah Ann Hussung
Steve Wolfe Descended from Richard Arrowsmith (d. Jun 30, 1752 Westmoreland County, Virginia); Thomas Arrowsmith (b. 1733); Richard Arrowsmith (b. 1765 Stafford County, Virginia); William A. Arrasmith (b. Sep 26 1792 in Bourbon County, Kentucky), wife Susannah Longnecker;  Jacob Ellsberry Arrasmith (b. Oct 5 1825 in Sugar Valley, Preble County, Ohio); Eugene Ellsberry Arrasmioth (b. Mar 23 1861 in Wayne, Indiana);  Ethel Marie Arrasmith (b. Nov , 1892 in Guthrie, Iowa).