Peter and Martha Lehman

Civil War Records !

It is funny to think that Great Grandma Peter Lehman landed in the South 100 years before I arrived in Mississippi in the 1980's. He was in the 59th Indiana Infantry and fought in the Battle of Vicksburg and Battle of Corinth. He also was with General Sherman on his March to the Sea (November 15, 1864 to December 21, 1864). On December 25, 1864, General Smith, issued a highly complimentary order, in which he stated that General Sherman had complimented the Division for its soldierly bearing and made special mention of the 59th for its good marching.  

In the Return to Jackson, July 5-25, 1863 publication, after the Vicksburg Campaign it states "As the colors of the 59th Indiana Infantry floated over the Capital dome, Maj. Gens. Grant, James B. McPherson, and William T. Sherman, met in view of it, at the city's best hotel, the Bowman House". I recall a conversation with my friend, Mary Lee, whose family was from Jackson. I told her about my grandfather's regiment raising their flag over the Capitol building and she said, "yeah after you burnt the city for the third time!" ;>)

Below are some links to documents I have, including Grandpa Lehman's muster rolls from his time during the Civil War. In the May-June 1863 (time of Vicksburg campaign) he lost his bayonette and cartridge box. My mother said that when he returned home they said he burnt his uniform and never spoke of the war publicly.

His regiment participated in the Grand Review in Washington, D.C. May 23-24, 1865 at the end of the war. I often wonder when I look at photographs of the Grand Review from the National Archives if my grandfather is in some of those photographs.

Grand Reivew in Washington, D.C.

59th Regimental History

Muster Rolls

Civil War Discharge and Pension Papers