Welcome to My Website!

This page is dedicated to those people I am a part of that have passed before me. Through this research it has given me insight into how they lived and it provides me a way to share in their lives and preserve their history for future generations.

I come from a long line of ministers, mostly Baptist, but some "Church of England" fellows too who apparently were not afraid to make a stand. Particularly, Rev. William Worcester who was Vicar of the Church of Olney in Buckinghamshire, England, who refused an order from the Bishop to speak about sports on the Lord's day and was dismissed from his position, disinherited by his father and came to the States and settled Salsbury, Massachusetts! My father always told me, "you would cut off your nose to spite your face if it was over a matter of principle" (which I have done many times)! Now I know where I get that from!

In addition to my Family Tree files, there are individual pages for many of my family lines where I have photographs, imaged documents, including old Family Bible entries as well as other important links related to these lines. Many of these items have been passed down for many generations and I can't explain the feeling when you hold a small book in your hands that your gr-gr-grandmother held over 150 years ago! It has really given me a feel for the people that I am a part of that I have not ever met.  

If you have any questions, please let me know! Happy Hunting!


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